f/4.5 Collective

The name of this group of Artists derives from a diaphragm number of the photographic lens. What this number signifies to us oscillates between the poetic and the scientific, and these varied meanings resonate with several important elements in the work of members of this group.

When those in the photography world hear “F/4.5,” their first inclination may be to scoff; this is often the maximum aperture of the kit zoom lens, the cheapest lens that often comes with an entry level DSLR and mirrorless cameras. But to us, this number engages with the capacity of democratization and accessibility of lens based media more than the fetishized high and low aperture values.

This value also represents the mid-point of apertures possible in the typical human eye. Considering our machines as extensions of our bodies as we aim to create work that is humanist, inclusive, and empathetic. To this end, the work of the members of our group centers around climate change and social justice.

We are Michelle Murphy, Adair Freeman Rutledge, Jenny Riffle, and Todd Forsgren.